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Joan with husband, David

About Me

I was born In Cicero and it has always been my home--family, school, church. My family consists of my husband of 62 years, David, our three children and their families. Living here is more than just paying taxes; it is being involved in the community and offering one’s help in building and maintaining a quality-of-life we all want. My experience as a contributing board member includes the CNY Girl Scouts Council, North Area Meals on Wheels, and the Northern Onondaga Public Library. I have been an active member in Hancock Field Development Corp, LIteracy Volunteers, the Onondaga County HUD, among others. I am also proud to have been inducted into the North Syracuse Central School District Wall of Distinction.

Why Me?

Throughout my life, Cicero has been my focus. Whether serving in many volunteer agencies, as mentioned in the ‘About Me’ page, or in my professional experiences, such as my prior tenure as elected Cicero Town Supervisor, Manager of Window Services for the U.S. Postal Service, membership in the Town of Cicero Board of Assessment Review, and the Town of Cicero Zoning Board of Appeals, I know Cicero. I know Cicero well. Very well. My awards, including being honored among Women Who Mean Business by the American Red Cross, Girl Scout Special Achievement Award, and the USPS Affirmative Action Award, all speak to my competence and leadership to serve the residents of Cicero once again in the Town Board.

Our home of Cicero may soon be overwhelmed by the incoming Micron industry. Let me work for you as a member of the Cicero Town Board to devise a plan that maintains the life we enjoy, while also accommodating the infusion of future Micro employees and associated businesses. I seek your vote on November 7th.

Photo of Joan

Why We need Joan

Committed to Cicero

From birth, this is my home. I will work with you, with the Town Board, with all others who contract to achieve our objectives. This is not a part-time effort that is achieved by just attending Town Board meetings; it is a commitment to maintain the lifestyle we enjoy in Cicero. A lot of new issues are facing Cicero, and I will be there for you (and my own family) to see this through.


As the old phrase goes, I’ve been down this road before. When I was the Town Supervisor, although the issue wasn’t Micron, there were still challenges to the town, issues to address and manage to keep the town serving residents in a positive manor. I need no indoctrination or tutorial: I am ready.

In my life, there have been many challenges and I have always believed it best to face issues and problems head-on. With your vote, I will serve you fully as a member of the Town Board, working with others on joint issues, yet I will raise alerts and questions whenever a proposed direction would raise taxes unduly or otherwise not be in the best interests of residents or local businesses. Compromises are necessary, but I will always focus on you. There will be many important decisions to be made in the coming years, and I am ready for them.

a promise or firm decision to do something:

a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in:


having skill and knowledge because you have done something many times:


a goal-oriented person or team works hard to achieve good results in the tasks that they have been given:

Above definitions taken from the Cambridge Dictionary

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